An open source Electronic Health Record (EHR) customized for Nepal’s public healthcare system

NepalEHR is designed for use in limited-resource settings, and seamlessly integrates registration, clinical diagnosis and investigations, prescriptions, reporting, and supply chain management. It facilitates care coordination across facility- and community-based points of service, integrating data to map disease, target care & continuously improve healthcare service delivery.

It is based on the Bahmni distribution of the widely adopted OpenMRS medical record system, and also integrates leading open source platforms like DHIS2 for reporting, OpenIMIS for insurance management, Odoo for supply chain management, OpenELIS for laboratory investigations, and Oviyam for PACS. It also syncs with Commcare for community-based care and referral tracking.

Core team

Anant Raut

Laxman Manandhar | Tech Lead

Nutan Marasaini | Database Engineer

Suruchi Dhungana | Software Engineer

Sanjay Poudel

Ramesh Mahar | Implementation Engineer

Roshan Thapa | Implementation Associate

Utsav Deshar | Implementation Engineer

Deepak Neupane | Implementation Lead

Diwash Timilsina | Health Informatics


Dipak Thapa | Contributor


Bibek Tiwari | Contributor

Pragya Rimal | Contributor

Ved Bhandar | Contributor





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